The First Time I Really Felt Self-Love


On a recent morning, I woke up and noticed I felt happy, which is not such a familiar feeling to me. I usually experience moments of joy directly related to bliss-inducing events but I live somewhere in a melancholic and nostalgic state riddled with anxiety about the future and reflection of the past. Although I’m certain the seed was planted earlier, it wasn’t until my early 20s that I began to experience a sort of self-loathing.

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Everything Falls Apart Together

falls apart

I don’t know why everything in life seems to happen at one time. Nothing feels gradual. Everything falls apart at the same time, or comes together all at once and you’re left in the middle of this shitstorm of emotion and anxiety just waiting for things to settle. Just waiting for things to calm down for a little bit so you can breathe. Trying to tread water and keep your head above the surface.

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