The Essential Oil That Will Change Your Skin Care Game


Since switching to a more natural skin care routine, I don’t have too many issues with breakouts, a lot of which I attribute to my holy grail essential oil for skin care, tea tree oil. Don’t let the strong smell put you off, this oil has changed the entire game for me.

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It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

not okay

The sunken place is real. For me, it looks a lot like paradise but in slow motion. It’s drenched in a cold color palette like in Ozark but with palm trees swaying in the background as if stuck in molasses. I can’t say definitively that I’ve been here before.

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Is there any greater gift
than to be forced back into yourself
to watch your petals fall away
to remember where you stem from?

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You Honestly Need Plants In Your Life, And Here’s Why


Plants get a bad rep for being hard to take care of when they’re actually really easy compared to the other living things we care for. They just need soil, water, and sun. They can’t fall down the steps and kill themselves. They don’t choke on small objects. There’s no diaper changing. No scrubbing random stains out of the carpet. They just sit there in quiet perfection. It’s honestly a dream existence if you think about it.

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Negative Self-Talk: How to break The Loop

negative self-talk

The dreaded negative self-talk loop. If you’ve ever created something that means something to you (or if you’re just a human living on this earth that doesn’t suffer from extreme narcissism), you’ve probably experienced it to some degree. It’s an internal stream of dialogue that insists that nothing that you do is good enough. That nothing will change for the better. That every push toward your goal is futile. Again, this is a spectrum, but the far end of the spectrum can be crippling.

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