I can feel the weight dissipate. I’m not a birthday person but I feel this. The release. The letting go. The mourning.

I’ve felt it pool in my eyes and drip from my nose. I grew up. I threw it all away. I’m lighter, and it’s dizzying.  Pulled the ripcord. It’s nauseating.

And then it’s calm.

I’ve held on to so much these past few years. I’m so sorry to let you go, but my arms were shaking. I like to think you want it this way.

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Knowing When You Need Time to Take Some Time


Recognize these signs. Acknowledge your thoughts. Now feel the weight of your emotions. Your feelings are valid and they need your attention. Don’t push them away. Or else they will certainly stay. It’s time to take the time to heal.

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This New Pad May Help Alleviate Menstrual Cramps Naturally


Recently Nannocare reached out to me and offered to send me samples of their NannoPad, which claims to help relieve menstrual discomfort. Although I no longer have a period (again, thank you IUD), if you’re telling me a pad can help with cramps, I want it.

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A dream is a carnivorous thing.

It may cost you an arm
or a leg
or a heart.

It’ll sink its teeth, lock its jaw and latch.

Let that thing you love consume you.
You are fuel for a fire.

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How To Get To Work When You’re Working From Home


If you’re a freelancer, you know how it goes.

You get up. Grab coffee. Sit at your computer (in your PJs) and… the cat knocks over your water, you need to binge Queer Eye again, your bed looks way too inviting. Your apartment is filled with distractions, but the idea of fighting over a spot with a nearby outlet at your local Starbucks is a daunting and often fruitless venture.

Here’s what you need to do to hunker down and get to werk at home.

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