4 Tips For Dealing With Grief

There is no way to predict how grief will manifest itself. Each experience is unique and will require something different of you. Feel what you feel when you feel it, but then give yourself permission to heal.

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Everyone feels alone, it’s fine


I’ve learned to find value in a handful of quality friends over a crowd of people who I’m not truly connected with. I’ve learned to appreciate those relationships that manage to survive the highs and lows life, because they make you feel less alone. They make your tragedies feel less isolating and your celebrations that much more meaningful. They meet you where you are, and everyone needs that sometimes.

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Your Friendships Are Everything In Your Twenties


It’s impossible to see the end of something in the beginning, and sometimes relationships crumble before we’ve even realized how fragile they are. When you start to understand who you are, and you start to create a life around yourself that supports that, you attract the kind of people that will nourish that type of growth.

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You’re Entitled to Your Own Mistakes


I have this rule: I tell people how I feel about something once, and then I drop it. By “drop it” I don’t mean I passive aggressively roll my eyes when the topic comes up, or give them knowing little judgey looks. I actually let it go, because that’s their life and I’m currently quite busy living my own.

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