A Guide to Relocating After Losing a Life Partner


Sometimes when there is a drastic change in a person’s life, it can be difficult to stay in the same place. Your current home or even city is full of memories of your life together. While you don’t want to lose your memories, constantly being reminded of them can be more haunting than comforting. That’s why many people decide to move after losing their partner.

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How to Let Go Of The Right Person When They’re Wrong For You

let go

I had a long convo today with a friend about the feeling of having someone in your life that you care for who isn’t supposed to be in your life. It’s easier to disinvest from people who hurt you. It’s so much harder to let go of people when they make you happy, but the situation as a whole causes you pain.

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Your Friendships Are Everything In Your Twenties


It’s impossible to see the end of something in the beginning, and sometimes relationships crumble before we’ve even realized how fragile they are. When you start to understand who you are, and you start to create a life around yourself that supports that, you attract the kind of people that will nourish that type of growth.

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You’re Entitled to Your Own Mistakes


I have this rule: I tell people how I feel about something once, and then I drop it. By “drop it” I don’t mean I passive aggressively roll my eyes when the topic comes up, or give them knowing little judgey looks. I actually let it go, because that’s their life and I’m currently quite busy living my own.

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