Nia Brown on The Power Of Affirmations


Who would I be if I eradicated these thoughts and embraced compassion and love for self? How would the process of transformation from negative thoughts to positive thoughts enhance my life? What would it produce?

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How To Deal With Your Disfunctional (AF) Relationship with Social Media

social media

Our self-confidence seems to be tied up in social media. Your amount of engagement and followers are not only a source of pride, but also business leverage. It literally pays to be liked. We’re constantly subjected to the very best aspects of everyone elses lives, and it should come as no surprise that it takes its toll.

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Having A Daily Routine May Be The Key To Success

When your life is particularly hectic and you feel like your losing your mind (Triggered right now? Me too), having a daily routine can help keep you grounded. It gives you a sense of purpose and direction.

As it becomes the norm to take more and more on our plates, it’s important to find a center point of gravity, whatever that may be for you.

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10 Things Every Powerful Woman Should Keep In Her Bag


Life can get pretty hectic when you’re on the run between work, meetings, and networking events. Keeping your schedule straight is one thing, but making sure you have everything you need to slay under any circumstance can sometimes get lost in the shuffle (especially if you’re like me and switch your bag regularly).

Here are some tried and true standbys to keep your life organized, and your mind a little more sane.

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