10 Things Every Powerful Woman Should Keep In Her Bag


Life can get pretty hectic when you’re on the run between work, meetings, and networking events. Keeping your schedule straight is one thing, but making sure you have everything you need to slay under any circumstance can sometimes get lost in the shuffle (especially if you’re like me and switch your bag regularly).

Here are some tried and true standbys to keep your life organized, and your mind a little more sane.

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The LA Spa Making Affordable Massages A Monthly Ritual


If you’ve been to Palm Springs, you know it’s a vibe. In SoCal, the desert is known for a certain aesthetic. Wood accents, fur throws and crystals set the tone for the perfect escape from the chaos of LA. The downside? The two hour commute isn’t always convenient for a busy schedule.

The Now, the LA concept spa offering zen massages at affordable prices, is bringing a little bit of Palm Springs to the city.

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One Tip To Keep Your Sanity In Check This Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is the beginning of holiday season and, for many of us, holiday season is more stressful than it should be. You’re around people that you may not see all the time. There’s alcohol involved. Too much money is being spent. It’s a lot.

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The App Bringing Therapy to Your Fingertips & Why It’s So Necessary


Annual doctor visits are encouraged as a preventative measure against illness. We go to the doctors to make sure everything is fine. On the off-chance that something is wrong, we address it. We fix what’s broken. Thoroughly. Choosing a procedure that matches the scale of the break. We don’t put a band-aid on a fractured arm. We reset the bones. We put it in a cast and let it heal. We’re patient. Why aren’t we that way with our minds?

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5 “Don’ts” To Keep In Mind When Taking A General Meeting In Hollywood


In Hollywood we have a term called a “general,” referring to a “general meeting.” Since much of this industry is who you know (and whether or not you’re a chill yet professional person to deal with), generals are a great way to bridge that gap from respectable email rapport to “let’s find something to work on together.”

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