The 4 Benefits of Minimalism


Although I am human and still very guilty of buying things I don’t need and spending money I don’t have, I’ve learned that adopting a more minimalist mentality gives you clarity and perspective and helps you thrive in every aspect of your life.

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Spring Cleaning for Good Vibes

spring cleaning

There is a resurgence of energy that happens this time of year and, if you harness it properly, it can boost your mood, increase your productivity and, in my personal experience, inspire you to get your life together. Sounds great, right? So how do we harness this mystical energy?

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Moving is the Most Stressful, Amazing Thing Ever


I recently found myself in immediate need of a new apartment. It was one of those sudden “you have a month to get your life together” situations that kind of sent everything in my life into a frenzy. How was I going to find an apartment in LA, within my budget, that I didn’t hate, in a month? Would I need a roommate? Who who would I even want to live with? Why was this even a thing I had to deal with right now?

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