How to make your home the home of your dreams


Although interior design isn’t high up on everyone’s priority list, it’s important that you create a space that puts you at ease, lowers your stress levels and makes you feel relaxed. If you work from home, this is crucial. However, for all of us, our home is our base. It sets the tone for how our days begin and how they end.

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A Guide to Relocating After Losing a Life Partner


Sometimes when there is a drastic change in a person’s life, it can be difficult to stay in the same place. Your current home or even city is full of memories of your life together. While you don’t want to lose your memories, constantly being reminded of them can be more haunting than comforting. That’s why many people decide to move after losing their partner.

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You Honestly Need Plants In Your Life, And Here’s Why


Plants get a bad rep for being hard to take care of when they’re actually really easy compared to the other living things we care for. They just need soil, water, and sun. They can’t fall down the steps and kill themselves. They don’t choke on small objects. There’s no diaper changing. No scrubbing random stains out of the carpet. They just sit there in quiet perfection. It’s honestly a dream existence if you think about it.

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The 4 Benefits of Minimalism


Although I am human and still very guilty of buying things I don’t need and spending money I don’t have, I’ve learned that adopting a more minimalist mentality gives you clarity and perspective and helps you thrive in every aspect of your life.

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Spring Cleaning for Good Vibes

spring cleaning

There is a resurgence of energy that happens this time of year and, if you harness it properly, it can boost your mood, increase your productivity and, in my personal experience, inspire you to get your life together. Sounds great, right? So how do we harness this mystical energy?

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