7 Ways to Make Working Out a Habit

working out

There are people in this world that enjoy working out. They say it produces endorphins. They say it’s addictive. I’ve never experienced this. I don’t recognize this feeling. Never felt a “runner’s high”. Don’t know that life.

If you’re like me and working out is a constant struggle for you, I have a few tips to help you make it a habit.

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Aerial Yoga: My Newest Love Affair

aerial yoga

I often operate under the delusion that I can control everything. I like to think I can control situations and the outcomes of those situations, and I’m sure you’d be surprised to learn that is rarely the case. There are actually very few things in life that are in your control, and I’m learning that growing up and being an adult means finding a way to accept that and exist in that reality.

This is me getting super introverted and deep, all to tell you how obsessed I am with my new fitness studio. Like, how anticlimactic is that?

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