When At Work, Do As The Europeans Do


We’ve all dreamed of moving to Europe at least once during this presidency our lives. My vote’s for Switzerland–because they’re really good at minding their own business, and I respect that–but each country has its own individual appeal.  It seems Europeans have perfected the work/life balance in a way that Americans have not. Honestly, for […]

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Why Female-Driven Stories Are So Necessary.

female-driven stories

What I love about TV and film right now is that women are taking ownership of their own stories and telling them on their terms. Not only that, but we’re proving that there is a demand for content created by women.

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The Value of Artists in Post-Election America


Artists are creating and collaborating and sharing their work with the world as an act of protest against a society that too often discourages people from having pride in who they are and what they stand for. Whether or not your art is political in nature, it’s a political act in and of itself to create something that is a declarative representation of your voice and perception of the world.

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Where New Years Resolutions Go Wrong

It’s a new year, which means we’re all hella determined to become new people. The mess of 2016 is wiped clean. It’s a blank slate, a fresh start. We create resolutions as a way to begin to lay the foundation for becoming the best versions of ourselves, who we think we should’ve been all along. But what is it about resolutions that make them so damn hard to stick to?

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