About Holli Baker

HOLLI BAKER is a millennial lifestyle and wellness brand devoted to finding the balance between life and art. Created by a screenwriter who found that living the life of an artist isn’t always conducive to living a healthy lifestyle, Holli Baker provides insight on how to maintain physical, mental and emotional wellbeing through the practice of self-care and the expression of creativity.


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Myah Hollis | Founder

Myah is the founder and editor-in-chief of Holli Baker. She is a screenwriter & lifestyle blogger based in Los Angeles, CA. Combining her love for the arts and her passion for holistic living, she established Holli Baker during her senior year at Temple University in 2012. Hollis is the creator of the series Or Die Trying and the co-founder of Pretty Thing, a female-driven production company launching in 2018. She is also an aerialist, having recently partnered with Athleta for their 2018 campaign.


Sarah Hawkins | Contributor

Sarah Hawkins

Sarah covers career and all things Hollywood for Holli Baker. She is creative producer, specializing in distribution and marketing. She is a freelance producer for the female-driven production company, Busted Buggy Entertainment, and works for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Hawkins is also the co-owner of the Lancaster County based production company, Dadley Productions, and the co-founder of Pretty Thing, launching in 2018.


Cameran Surles | Contributor

Cameran covers food, wine and fitness for Holli Baker. She is a writer, producer, actor living in West Hollywood, CA. When she’s not “taking meetings” or trying to modernize the Rom Com, you can find her recipe testing to prove once and for all you can eat food that tastes good and is healthy (*well, healthy-ish), accumulating cheat meals and dining al fresco, or drinking too much funky, natural, wine. She believes in the power of food and wine to bring people together and that there’s nothing a little sunshine and salt air can’t cure.


Serene Ball | Contributor

Serene Ball

Serene covers relationships, culture and self-care for Holli Baker. She’s the resident East Coaster of the site, born in New York, but based in Philadelphia, PA and yes, she’s been in search for a color darker than black for years. When she’s not spending her time balancing her day jobs and cooking, she’s a co-host of Before I Forget… The Podcast, a podcast of three black women who talk about any and everything that crosses their paths. In her free time, she’s a devoted dog mom, cheeseburger enthusiast and enjoys long walks in Target.


Catherine Uram, MD | Contributor

Dr. Uram covers wellness and self-care for Holli Baker. She is a physician at Beverly Hills Comprehensive Medical Group, a fellow of Dr. Andrew Weil’s Center for Integrative Medicine, and a member of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine. She has treated patients and taught in numerous academic and private centers around the world and incorporates her work with indigenous healers into her practice.