The Electric Toothbrush That Changed My Beauty Ritual

electric toothbrush

When you’re a creative in your 20s, having insurance is a privilege. Having good, reliable insurance is like hitting the lottery. Having dental insurance is residing in some type of utopia that I haven’t been invited to. Taking care of your health should be one of, if not, your highest priority. Until we as a country can agree that universal health care needs to happen, you may have to take your health into your own hands if you’re low on funds.

When I was faced with the problem of losing my dental insurance at 26, I made a promise to myself and my dentist that I would pay out of pocket for cleaning costs until I could afford decent health insurance. Unfortunately, that was a promise that I haven’t been able to keep. I started a business, life got real, and I had to reconsider my expenses.

My mom suggested that I look into investing in higher-end dental tools. She swears by her water pick, but I was more interested in an electric toothbrush. My go-to toothbrush was an eco-friendly wooden toothbrush from Whole Foods. I didn’t know much about electric toothbrush brands or features. I vaguely remember having a Lion King or Pocahontas electric toothbrush in the 90s, but that was the extent of my knowledge.

I am now obsessed with electric toothbrushes and can’t imagine going back to a manual one. The one I have comes has five settings (which I didn’t even know was a thing) and lasts 30 days on one charge. Even though I didn’t know they were building toothbrushes like robots these days, I did understand the appeal of them over manual toothbrushes.

One thing I could never really justify was the price point on a lot of the major brands. Even though the toothbrush I use was sent to me by Smile Brilliant, the cariPro ultrasonic electric toothbrush, over the past few weeks I’ve been using it I’ve come to love it enough to continue to invest in the product when it comes time to purchase replacement heads.

My entire beauty routine, including brushing my teeth, has always been a ritual to me. As someone who had braces as a teenager and cystic acne until my mid-twenties, I understand that your beauty is dependent on the healthy habits that your form. Taking care of yourself shouldn’t feel like a chore or a financial extravagance. It’s about taking those small moments throughout your day and making that time sacred.


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