Having Influence is Realizing Your Life Is Not About You


With the rise of social media, everyone is seeking some type of influence. When you actively pursue being an influencer, it often leads to a self-serving mission. You’re doing it because you want to feel important. You want to feel like you’re leaving your mark. That your life matters. But who are you doing it for? Yourself, or the recipients of your gifts?

As creatives, we have to be so careful about what the motive is behind what we consider our purpose or craft to be.

What fuels the passion for your talent? Are you trying to help or are you trying to be known? I often think about the people that I’ve lost recently who were too young to fully reach their potential in the short time they had on this earth. You can’t do everything that you feel called to do by the age of 22. So what was the point?

When you get into that mindset, it’s a very dark place to be. What is the point of a life where the person living it never got a chance to achieve their goals? What is the point of a life where the person living it saw their dreams come true but didn’t improve the lives of the people around them in the meantime?

Your life is not about you.

You should be happy and inspired, but your happiness should come from the way you’re influencing the world around you for the better. The idea of influence is such a trendy thing right now. Everyone wants some type of social status, even if it’s only a number on their Instagram profile. You have to earn your influence by dedicating your life to the service of other people. If you don’t, then how can you say you deserve the platform you’re working so hard for?

What will people say about you when you’re gone?

How will they speak of you? What will they say you’ve left behind. How will they be changed? I am better for having known the people that I’ve lost. I’m better for having experienced that loss, even if I wish every day that they were still here with me. I can’t say what the purpose of someone else’s life is, but I can say what they’ve done for me and for everyone else who loved them. We are all irrevocably changed because of the lives they’ve lived. That is influence and that is purpose. It’s the only thing that matters.

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