You Honestly Need Plants In Your Life, And Here’s Why


Some people love their pets. Some people love their children. I love my plants. I’m a very proud plarent to twelve beautiful babies (RIP to my bathroom succulent. I miss you.) I’ve invested in them. I take care of them. I stress about them when I’m out of town. It’s a lifestyle.

Plants get a bad rep for being hard to take care of when they’re actually really easy compared to the other living things we care for. They just need soil, water, and sun. They can’t fall down the steps and kill themselves. They don’t choke on small objects. There’s no diaper changing. No scrubbing random stains out of the carpet. They just sit there in quiet perfection. It’s honestly a dream existence if you think about it.

So why aren’t more people into plants? I never really understood the appeal until I got my own place. Plants change the energy in a room. They make the room feel less cold and more inviting. Living things bring life into a space. It’s a form of self-care available to anybody who wants it. It forces you to have respect and consideration for something other than yourself.

Why you 100% need a plant:

  1. Cleaner air
  2. Improved mood and concentration
  3. Better health
  4. A visual glow up for your home
  5. Satisfaction of watching something grow
  6. Connection to the earth (especially in cities)

We all take care of a living thing every day, even if it’s just ourselves. No matter how terrible you think you are with plants, it’s not a matter of whether or not you can care for one, it’s more about which type you should get. Succulents, snake plants, cacti and air plants are notoriously easy to care for. I recommend stopping by your local nursery and talking with someone about what’s reasonable for your lifestyle and home environment. Soak up all the beauty and allow the obsession to take over. It happens to the best of us.

3 thoughts on “You Honestly Need Plants In Your Life, And Here’s Why

  1. I agree so much! I got my first plant and for awhile I thought I killed it but it’s trying so hard to keep pushing. Once I get my own place it’ll be filled with plants. I just hope I don’t kill them lol

    1. A little hack is to keep a little notebook with care instructions in your kitchen or a little sticky note on the back of the plant so you remember how often to water it and change the soil. Good luck!

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