How To Focus On Expanding Your Comfort Zone

Whenever we think about our comfort zone, we think of it in terms of something that we need to escape or transcend. Everything outside of it has the power to change us, while everything within it stifles us from being the greatest versions of ourselves. While I understand this thought process, I think that we don’t give the things in our comfort zone enough credit.

If something is comfortable for you, it gives you a sense of stability and peace. Of course, growth often happens in the midst of struggle, but that doesn’t mean we should aspire to always be in a state of struggle. We tend to think of our comfort zone as something concrete when it’s really more elastic. It can stretch and expand to encompass more things. You can grow and evolve so that more things are comfortable for you.

The goal should always be to adapt to our circumstances. As we develop a tolerance for the things we consider uncomfortable, we invite those things into that zone. We begin to take up more space in the world and permeate more places. We also have the ability to sit within that zone and rest when we’re tired. There is nothing wrong with finding comfort in the familiar.

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