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An exclusive excerpt from “The Power Of Affirmations: Relax, Relate, Release Write NOW!”

I am blessed to have had the amazing habit of practicing affirmations in my life for over a decade now, along with my faith, study and meditation of biblical and spiritual principles. I embraced this journey when I discovered the need for the “art of affirmations” in a meditation process of evaluating my thoughts. It was then that I identified negative thoughts about myself. Although I was a high achiever, having accomplished many goals (college, law school, etc.) and having overcome obstacles and defied statistics (as a teen mother), I still suffered from harboring negative thoughts in my mind. I considered: Who would I be if I eradicated these thoughts and embraced compassion and love for self? How would the process of transformation from negative thoughts to positive thoughts enhance my life? What would it produce?

Well, I decided to neutralize the thoughts by writing positive statements. After all, what other option did I have? I could remain in a negative place, or I could change. This powerful practice of “retraining the brain” is truly transformative and liberating. The journey has been amazing. I must say that it was not an overnight process; it is a constant journey, not a quick destination. It takes consistent practice to realize sustained change, and it is well worth the effort. Not only has this changed my life to create more positive energy, joy within and acceptance and love for self, but I have been able to share the process with others.

I have shared the blessing of affirmations with friends, family, high school protégés, college students, dance students, and many others. I truly believe that we change the world by “being the change we want to see in the world” as Mahatma Gandhi said. If we cultivate love within, we can love others completely. I often use the analogy of the instructions given by flight attendants before takeoff: in the event of a loss of cabin pressure, put the oxygen mask on yourself first. Well, sometimes life’s trials and tribulations feel like a loss of cabin pressure, a “loss of life pressure” so to speak. Self-care is important. We cannot always control what life brings our way, but we can establish habits that will help us weather the storms of life when they come. Loving oneself is truly the key to loving others, and practicing affirmations is a powerful strategy to learn to love oneself.  

I encourage you to embrace this as a holistic life journey by embracing all components of the complex spiritual creature that you are: mind, body, spirit and emotion.  With these affirmations, you will find exercises intended to “work” all parts of who you “BE”. Whatever your faith, know that you are a spiritual creature first. Be inspired to embark upon a spiritual journey of truth. Ponder deeply what the journey, the process of taking your very last breath will mean. Process the beauty in that journey that we will all take in the cycle of life, for this is something we will all experience. Live life fully in the present moments because “tomorrow is not promised to any of us”.  From this central place, embrace growth and transformation of mind (wonderful learning), the movement and exercise of body, and the cultivation of positive emotion as beautiful processes of life. Love it all completely, wholly, holistically.

From “The Power of Affirmations: Relax, Relate, Release Write NOW! (Coach Nia EmPOWERment Series) (Volume 1)” by Nia Brown. Copyright 2014 Nia Brown. Excerpted with permission of MarniPosa Productions.

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