10 Things Every Powerful Woman Should Keep In Her Bag


Life can get pretty hectic when you’re on the run between work, meetings, and networking events. Keeping your schedule straight is one thing, but making sure you have everything you need to slay under any circumstance can sometimes get lost in the shuffle (especially if you’re like me and you switch your bag regularly).

Here are some tried and true standbys to keep your life organized, and your mind a little more sane.

*Not included in this list are the obvious keys, wallet, and phone.

1. Business Cards

Some might say business cards are passé, but the fact of the matter is if you want to make a stronger impression and have someone get in contact with you, a business card is a professional touch. Pro Tip: Protect your business cards in a chic card holder. Presentation is everything.

Not sure where to design & print your business cards? My favorite place for quick print jobs is Vista Print. Use my promo code and get free shipping when you spend $25, plus 30% off your order. Other places to check out: Moo and Canva Print.

2. Travel Sized Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Being out and about all day means your life can sometimes (okay, the majority of the time) be somewhat unpredictable. If you get a last minute meeting, you don’t want to worried about bad breath.

3. Headphones

While on an important phone call (especially on a conference call) headphones are key to minimizing your chances of being that disruptive asshole with traffic and horns in the background.

Bonus: Sign up for FreeConferenceCall.com to have a free conference line to suggest to clients or coworkers that will make you seem way more bougie than they’d expect.

4. Your Favorite Lipstick

You are beautiful just the way you are, but if you need a quick confidence boost, reach for your favorite lipstick (or lip gloss). It’s the one luxury that us women cling to even in a bad economy (see: Lipstick Effect). Throw it on before that big meeting or networking event and prepare to kill it.

My personal favorite lipstick is NARS Majella Satin Lip Pencil.

5. Rosewater

I owe this one to Myah Hollis, but I love (love love love love love) my Rosewater & Glycerin spray from Whole Foods. It’s under $10 and makes you feel super fancy and refreshed when you need a quick physical and mental boost. Spritz it in front of your face to wake up your skin periodically throughout the day.  

6. Hand Sanitizer

Because there are germs literally everywhere.

7. Pepper Spray

This might feel extreme if you’ve never lived in a big city, but just like germs are everywhere, so are creeps. Be prepared.

Not sure where to look? Amazon has got your back.

8. Granola Bar(s)

This is not what you think it’s for. It’s not for you. If you are approached by someone asking for money and you feel unsure about the interaction, offer a granola bar instead. It’s something you can easily feel in your bag without looking into it, and most people appreciate the gesture.

9. A Small Notebook (and writing utensils)

You never know when you might need one. Although I love the classic Moleskine journals, the dollar store also has an abundant amount of small notebooks perfect for throwing into your purse, ready for jotting quick notes. 

10. Phone Charger (and/or Back-Up Portable Battery Charger)

This one might seem obvious but the times that I’ve forgotten to put my charger in my purse have been the times I desperately needed one. With living constantly on the go, don’t get stuck without a way to get in contact with your people.

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