The App Bringing Therapy to Your Fingertips & Why It’s So Necessary


As things get busier and life seems to move a bit faster, we have to carve out time and space for the things that are important to us. We prioritize what we need to do and what we want to do, and more and more we’re starting to understand that one of our priorities should be ourselves. It’s not a luxury to take care of yourself, it’s a necessity.

Although self-care and mindfulness are having a moment right now, the truth is that we don’t often regard mental health as the integral part of wellness that it is. It is as crucial to our quality of life as physical health, so much so that the effect of mental health negligence can begin to manifest itself in our physical bodies. Stress becomes disease. Sadness becomes an actual chemical depressant to our brain.

Annual doctor visits are encouraged as a preventative measure against illness. We go to the doctors to make sure everything is fine. On the off-chance that something is wrong, we address it. We fix what’s broken. Thoroughly. Choosing a procedure that matches the scale of the break. We don’t put a band-aid on a fractured arm. We reset the bones. We put it in a cast and let it heal. We’re patient. Why aren’t we that way with our minds?

There is a reason psychologists are doctors. They are there to prevent illness what they can, and treat what is not well. Adjusting your mindset to what therapy is will start to break down the stigma around it. We all experience emotion. We all feel overwhelmed. Everyone has fears and things that they have repressed. Being in a bad mindset is cancerous to you. Not working through emotions is destructive.

Mental health and happiness requires maintenance. It requires you to check in with yourself, exercise the way you think, feed your mind positivity and detox any negativity. It’s not unfamiliar to us, it’s what we strive to do with our bodies every day. If you’re new to the concept of therapy, or it doesn’t feel natural to you, services like TalkSpace allow you have that connection with a professional therapist from anywhere at any time through your phone. Of course, speaking to someone in person is always ideal, and many heath insurance plans will cover the costs.

Regardless of who you are, or where you are mentally, taking a moment every day for small acts like praying, expressing gratitude or meditating will drastically improve your mental health and your peace of mind. The energy that you put into developing yourself is what you’ll get back. Build yourself strong.

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