If I can be a “morning person”, you can be a morning person

As you get busier, you realize that things that used to work for you don’t work anymore. The same is true about getting older. You develop different mental, physical and emotional needs and you have to learn to adjust to meet those needs. One of my main needs right now is energy–and, no matter what I do, I never seem to have enough of it.

This can partially be attributed to the fact that I rarely go to bed before midnight. I could tell you all about how I’m working my ass off until the wee hours of the morning on productive things that will help facilitate the goals I’m trying to achieve, but more often than not I’m just up watching Netflix. I’m sure you can relate. I know. You’re trying to be better? Me too.

I aspire to be a morning person. I love my late nights, but mornings are a struggle. I have to set 5 alarms and charge my phone across the room from my bed just to get up on time, let alone early. For the sake of my energy levels, and my future husband’s sanity, I’ve began to take baby steps towards waking up with more than 15 minutes to leave the house.

When you wake up early and give yourself the time to get a few things checked off of your list before work or school, it sets the intention for your day and gives you a sense of accomplishment that in turn leads to more productivity throughout the day. It slows you down and gives you time to take moments in the morning for things that you need, like breakfast, meditation or working out. It gives you clarity and peace.

It’s hard to make the adjustment from night owl to early bird or whatever, but the initial struggle is worth it in the long run. The key is to wake up and get moving before your mind has a chance to process what’s happening. Get up and reward yourself for having gotten up with something that will make you happy. And then get busy, you’ve got work to do.

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