Self-Care 101


Hi. So life is super stressful. I know this may be a revelation for you, but it is. It’s easy to get consumed by that stress. It’s easy to get consumed by all of the things that we have to manage and deal with each day. It’s easy to get consumed by the people in our lives and what they need from us.

But what about you? That’s not selfish, you’re allowed to ask that question. It’s a valid question because everything in your life starts with you. You’re not the center of the universe, but you’re kind of the center of your universe, and that’s not narcissism unless you make it narcissism. If you’re not your priority, if you’re not maintaining yourself properly, how can you really be of use in this world?

There’s a term that we throw around a lot in the holistic and psych worlds, which is actually hella trendy right now so you may have heard of it: self-care. Caring for yourself seems pretty self-explanatory right? But how much time and energy are we meant to focus on ourselves?

Short answer: A lot.

Longer answer: The stressors in your life can be disintegrative to all aspects of what makes you you. Making your mental, physical and emotional needs a priority and taking time to assess them and find balance is important. How you treat yourself plays a big part in determining your quality of life and ultimately your happiness.

Great. So we’re agreed that self-care is a cute idea, but what does it actually entail? It’s essentially doing things that make you happy, that relive stress, and make you function at your highest level. You know, as long as it isn’t compromising your health or safety (which should go without saying, but I’m still going to say it for anyone who may interpret their 2-pack-a-day cigarette habit as self-care. It’s not.)

This can vary person-to-person, because we all enjoy different things and have different needs. For me, eating healthy, exercising and living holistically is self-care. But my self-care also includes wine, watching Netflix, and taking long baths–usually at the same time. Game of Thrones is my self-care. Insecure is my self-care. Greys Anatomy is. my. self. care. I watch a lot of TV. It makes me happy. It relieves stress.

So what makes you happy? What makes you feel relaxed after a long day? What makes you productive, physically energized and spiritually whole? What makes you your best self?

Even in Trump America, there are ways to live a peaceful and thriving life. Find your balance and know that it’s not just okay, but necessary, to put yourself first.



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