Your Energy is a Finite thing


Now that the first season of my series OR DIE TRYING is officially streaming, things are beginning to calm down a bit in my life and I can actually feel my mental muscles uncoiling. Let me tell you something. Producing is work. I had no idea. I don’t think anyone has an accurate understanding of what producing entails until they actually produce something. That project takes over your life. Your brain becomes completely one-track and there’s no way to turn the switch off.

Season one has been 2 years in the making. During that time, I’ve learned a lot about myself through navigating different roles that I’d never held before. I learned I’m capable of being stressed. Like truly, honestly, hair-falling-out-of-your-head stressed. I learned to trust my voice as a screenwriter. To trust my instincts as a showrunner. I learned how to run a production as a producer and how to navigate relationships under high-stakes situations. Mostly though, I learned my limits. I learned my energy is very much finite. I can handle anything, but maybe not all at once. Sometimes you need to delegate. Sometimes you need a minute.

I learned that to do something successfully, you need to give it your undivided attention. When you open that many tabs in your brain, things start buffering and they run a little slower. I’m good at compartmentalizing my life, but sometimes you need to focus on one compartment at a time. Within the past year, I realized ODT needed all of my energy, and all other compartments needed to be put away for a while.

Although there’s still a ton of press and promotion ahead of me, I’m looking forward to be able to dust off some of the things I had to shelf to get to this point, including this site. I’m excited to develop new projects and create new stories, but also to rest and conserve my energy for whatever the next marathon is. I’m so proud of what my team has accomplished with this show. I’m so thankful for the support we’ve been receiving over the past few years. It’s been a whirlwind, but it’s been more than worth it.



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