Typical Millennial Drama: Am I On the Right Path?


When you’re young, you struggle a lot with figuring out how you’re meant to become who you are supposed to be. It’s like a right of passage, something that you have to go through. When you’re in your twenties, it becomes an obsession. It’s a very millennial thing to obsess over yourself in that type of way, but it’s compulsive and we can’t help it. We’re always looking for answers and it doesn’t seem like anybody has any to give.

I feel like I never know when I’m on the right path. I never know if my struggle is actually leading me to the place where I’m supposed to be, or just leading me away from the thousands of things not meant for me. Is finding your purpose and finding your place in life just a matter of the process of elimination? And if it’s not, if we are all being lead along this long, winding path that leads to some type of contentment and peace, does there come a time when we can see the finish line? Is it a gradual process that you can recognize as it’s happening, or is it something sudden that just kind of takes you by surprise?

The hardest thing in life is to know exactly what you want, to think you know what you’re meant for, and not know how to get there. To have no clue how to achieve something that seems so natural to you. I know it’s all part of a bigger picture, that just because things aren’t happening instantaneously doesn’t mean they’re not in the works. We don’t always know what’s best for us. Even though we may think we’re drowning in a current that’s actually pulling you back to land, sometimes we’d just appreciate a moment of stillness to tread above the surface and breathe.

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