Moving is the Most Stressful, Amazing Thing Ever


I recently found myself in immediate need of a new apartment. It was one of those sudden “you have a month to get your life together” situations that kind of sent everything in my life into a frenzy. How was I going to find an apartment in LA, within my budget, that I didn’t hate, in a month? Would I need a roommate? Who who would I even want to live with? Why was this even a thing I had to deal with right now?

I did the whole craigslist thing for a while. As shady as craigslist is, it’s honestly never failed me. I’ve gotten plenty of jobs and apartments from craigslist. Luckily, my best friend knew a girl who needed a roommate. I’m super easy-going when it comes to living with people (Seriously. Just wash the dishes and we’re good), so I was down.

Roommates in LA in your 20s are a necessity. The problem was we were in that weird state where it was technically to early to start looking for an apartment, since we had a month before we wanted to move. But if we waited, we may not find anything in time. Whatever the strongest synonym for stress you can come up with right now, that’s what that was.

After a month of searching and refusing to settle on a crap place in the Mid-Wilshire area, we found the perfect apartment in our dream neighborhood. It’s been totally remodeled and is in walking distance to literally everything. Though I would never put myself through that kind of stress again (It wasn’t really a choice I made for myself, but whatever.), it was worth it.

We both have a space that we can be proud of and that we can make into whatever we want. We have the most stunning blank canvas, and there are so many design ideas running through my head I’ve actually considered pinning them on Pinterest.

Even when it feels like everything is too much, the way it all works itself out, not just for the better, but for the best, is amazing. There’s still a little stress–because you never truly realize how much it sucks having your father 3000 miles away until you have to move your bed across the city–but it’s all manageable. It’s all good.

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