I told you we’ve got 10 miles to empty. We should stop and get gas. We’ve got a long way to go. You said 10 miles is a long way, and I think that’s the difference between you and me.

You take it day by day. I plan a month ahead. I used to want to be more like you. You move slower and you breathe steadier. I always told you I’m afraid we’ll run out of time. You’d tell me we have plenty of time. Tomorrow’s forever from now.

It was charming at first, that you could stop and dissect the colors in the sunset. You could just be in the moment and honestly see it for what it was. You never worry, because that plants you too deeply in a future you can’t be sure of.

10 miles is a long way until it’s not. I told you to get gas. You always run out of steam because there’s no tomorrow in your world. That was the difference between you and me.

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