Your Friendships Are Everything In Your Twenties


The only aspects of college that don’t immediately evoke an eye roll from me are the friendships that I developed. I have a notorious history of picking the wrong friends; but the older you get, the more important it becomes to surround yourself with a really supportive, creative and inspiring group of people. It’s impossible to see the end of something in the beginning, and sometimes relationships crumble before we’ve even realized how fragile they are. When you start to understand who you are, and you start to create a life around yourself that supports that, you attract the kind of people that will nourish that type of growth.

My closest friendships are built on a foundation of sarcasm and sheer shade. We’re blunt and we’re honest and we don’t take ourselves–or anything, really–too seriously. They make me laugh and they pull me out of my head and inspire me to just be in the moment. They can be introverted like me, so we all know when we need a little distance. At the same time, there’s never any space between us. They keep me sane, and keep my mind clear enough to focus on what I want and what I need to do to get it. I can’t imagine my twenties without them; and, as I picture ever significant moment in my life, their spots are already reserved.

We figuring a lot of shit out at this age, and that’s not a bad thing but it’s frustrating. We’re constantly in a state of transition and nothing is figured out. We’re too young to have it all together, but too old to be naive about a lot of the realities that we used to just ignore. There has to be a level of calm. There has to be some kind of solid ground. If nothing else, if we’re all just meant to fall for a while, pick some awesome people to fall with.

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