Wait For Me

I held your gaze when you said you’d never leave. You held my hand when I said I couldn’t breathe. Before the cold, we came to see that all I am for you is a desperate fantasy.

And all you are is the reason I smile. Said you miss that now cause it’s been a while. Still I’m set on a path of yellow bricks. You watch me break us to get a fix. Watch me pack it all up in a bag. Take with me all we had. And I’d never invite you along, because one of us must be strong.

So leave me here, I’m addicted. But I’m leashed to you and you’re conflicted. Said you’ll wait for me till the sky grows cold. Said you’re up here with me, help me break the hold.

So we wait until I start to fall and I hit the ground and I start to crawl. And start to melt into regret, because our final days are set.

Cause babe I’m burned up by your light. I’d die for this, but we’re not right. So you’ll wait for me until it’s grey. Till you’re disillusioned and I fade away.

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