You’re so still, but I can feel you breathing. You haven’t said a word. You told me once that you never hurt. I should’ve known it’d be this way.

We warm ten degrees by the second and you can’t seem to feel the heat. We’ve broken into a fever and you’re sweating me out of your system by the ounce.

I can’t help but absorb you into my bloodstream. I don’t think it’s right to pump you through my veins. It shouldn’t be this way. You’re sweating me out dry.

You said you don’t feel pain. Can you not feel my head on your chest? My hand on your cheek? My breathing slowed to yours? I think it’s unbearable. You haven’t said a word.

You can’t feel the heat burning us clean into a vapor. I inhale you and I’m high. I don’t think you feel much of anything at all.

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